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ENI provides both dedicated and network resources in bulk and packed transportation for the chemical, petroleum and power plant industries.
Experienced drivers are fully trained to the highest standard on product handling and specific customer procedures and requirements. Many drivers are multi skilled across the product and contract ranges to allow for the flexibility of cross functional provision.
ENI can vary from a dedicated contract management team based on a customer site to shared centrally-controlled management. In all cases, ENI focuses on maximizing operational efficiency through order planning, scheduling and delivery in a safe and timely manner. Specialist advice is provided by ENI on new and existing legislation and compliance.

- Hanjin Construction
  Young-Jong-Do Airport Project
  (Feb. 1999-Mar. 2000: $85 Million)

- LG-Dow Chemical
  Yeo-Chun Oil Refinery Project
  (Oct. 1999-Dec. 2000: $130 Million)

- SK Engineering & Construction
  Kuwait AGRP/KNPC
  Oil Refinery Project
  (Apr. 1999-Jan. 2001: $200 Million)

- SK Engineering & Construction
  Ghana RFCC Oil Refinery Project
  (Dec. 2000-Nov. 2002: $180 Million)

- Samsung Heavy Industry
  Seattle Convention Tower Project
  (Jul. 1999-Nov. 2000: $95 Million)

- Samsung Heavy Industry
  Hawaii Hilton Hotel Village Project
  (Jan. 2000-Nov. 2000: $80 Million)

- US Army-Petroleum Equipment Upgrade Project
  (Mar. 2000-Oct. 2000: $9 Million)

- LG Engineering & Construction
  Qatar National Oil Distribution Co. Project
  (Aug. 2001-Dec. 2002: $210 Million)

- SK Engineering & Construction
  Kuwait RPMAA Oil Refinery Project
  (Dec.2001-Dec.2003: $400 Million)

- SK Engineering & Construction
  Kuwait Rebuilding Project of Damaged Facilities
  at GC-15 &BS-130
  (Nov.2003-Aug.2005: $400 Million)

- SK Engineering & Construction
  Ghana B2P3 Project
  (Dec.2003-Jan.2005: $150 Million)

- SK Engineering & Construction
  Romania Sulphuric Acid Alkylation Unit Project
  (Dec.2004-Jan.2006: $110 Million)

- SK Engineering & Construction
  Romania FCC FEED Hydro Treating Unit Project
  (Dec.2004-Feb.2006: $110 Million)

- SK Engineering & Construction
  Thailand Aromatic Complex II Project
  (Aug.2006 - Apr.2008: $1.5 Million)

- SK Engineering & Construction
  Indonesia L-Project
  (Mar.2007 - Oct.2008: $2 Million)

- Hyundai Heavy Industry
  Edmonton, Canada Transformer 220 Tons &
  180 Tons

- Daelim Corporation
  Saudi Arabia Replacement of 9 Crude Oil Filling
  Lines Project
  (Apr.2008: $3 Million)

- Daelim Corporation
  Saudi Arabia AL WAHA PDH-PP Project
  (Jul.2007 - Aug.2008: $2 Million)

- Daelim Corporation
  Saudi Arabia IBN ZAHR PP-III Untilities & Offsites
  (May.2007 - Dec.2008: $2 Million)

- Doosan Heavy Industry
  Saudi Arabia Marafiq Project
  (May.2008 - Aug.2008: $3 Million)

- GS Engineering & Construction
  Egypt Lab Project
  (Jan.2007 - Aug.2008: $5 Million)

- Samsung Heavy Industry
  Thailand MOC Cracker Project
  (Oct.2007 - Mar.2008: $2 Million)